Friendly reminder that AC Milan payed 11M for Matri and Bayern are paying 10M for Xabi.

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i honestly cannot believe arsenal salvaged this


U životu vas čeka još mnogo nepravdi. Sve to mora da se prođe. Kažu da se tako postaje čovek, deco moja - Montevideo, vidimo se (2014)

Daniel Sturridge and Jordon Ibe take the LFC hip-hop quiz (x)

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❝ Yes, I heard that he [James] signed yesterday. And to be honest I think he’s a fantastic player. Real Madrid also bought Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich, so I think they’ve invested very well. They will be a great reinforcement for the team. I’m looking forward to playing with them. ❞
—— Cristiano Ronaldo, 22/07/2014 (via cr7forbeastmode)


Mats Hummels you adorable human

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the entire football fandom: now what
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Maracana Stadium on July 13th 2014 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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❝ Bastian Schweinsteirger… the man who took a shit ton of hits ❞
—— FIFA 2014 (Germany vs Argentina)
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Götze scores for Germany!

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Congratulations Germany!!!

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